24 Stunden Notrufservice

24 Stunden Notrufservice

24 Stunden Notrufservice


How can we help you? Let us be your first point of contact and we will help you through your illness!

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Are you looking for a family doctor or have you injured yourself during your vacation? Do you have a cold or pain in your stomach, back or elsewhere? Don't hesitate and, above all, don't wait too long for it to get better. Vacation days are too precious to spend sick. Put yourself in our hands so that you feel better quickly.

Herztöne auswerten EKG


ECG The ECG graphically depicts the electrical processes in the heart muscle. This allows us to draw a variety of conclusions about heart function. Electrocardiography provides information on a wide range of heart diseases, from cardiac arrhythmias to myocarditis and heart attacks. You can have a resting ECG performed by us without any complications.


We are specialists in minor surgical procedures. E.g. suturing, mole & wart removal, ingrown

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We are a partner clinic of the modern Hospitales San Roque. If X-ray procedures are necessary, we will refer you there. However, the interpretation of X-ray images is our responsibility and is an important part of our many years of experience.



Often the body winds down from all the stress of everyday life on vacation and illnesses and deficiency symptoms come to light. Of course, this is something you don't need on vacation. A blood count in particular can quickly tell the doctor what you are lacking. This will help you find a quick remedy so that you can enjoy your time away.



An ultrasound machine is by no means standard equipment in a doctor's surgery. But it is for us. Ultrasound allows us to take a direct look inside your abdomen, especially in the case of abdominal pain, so we can make a quick diagnosis.

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We work with all ambulance services. Contact us in your local language and we will clarify everything in Spanish with the service provider who is transporting you.


Are you feeling unwell and would like a doctor to come to your home or hotel? No problem. Call our emergency hotline. We will try to visit you as soon as possible.